Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How to Fix Holes in Jeans

Jeans are kind of trousers prepared from the fabric called denim. Jeans were intially designed for labors; it became popular among youngsters in the late 50s. The historic brands of jeans are Lee, Wrangler and Levi’s. Jeans are available in various types like skinny jeans, flare, straight fit, boot cut, etc.

Jeans have become very popular as a form of casual dressing around the globe. Jeans comes in many designs, styles and colors. ‘Blue jeans’ are mostly associated with American culture, mainly in the American Old West.

The term jeans have been derived from the French phrase ‘bleu de Genes’, which means the blue of ‘Genoa‘. Jeans or denim fabric has come independently from two places; from the French town of Nimes, and from India, where pants are prepared from denim material and it was used by the sailor of Dhunga, which was later known as ‘dungarees’. If you want to repair jeans, then just follow the instructions mentioned below.
how to repair jeans

Things required:

* Iron-on seam fabric
* Hot iron
* Denim patch
* Appliqué
* Needle
* Thread
* Thimble
* Cloth


* Repair small hole in jeans with the help of a needle and thread. This works fine for hole less than 2-inches in length. You can use a thimble on your middle finger to help in approaching the needle through the thick fabric and turn the jeans inside out to repair the hole. Now, stitch the hole carefully by using thread which matches the color of your jeans.

* You can also make your kid’s torn jeans look stylishly shabby-chic. Make a square of thick fabric, a little larger than the size of the hole of the jeans. Find the hole and cut a portion of heat pressure ridge fabric as the same size of the square cloth. Put the ridge fabric over the hole and carefully sketch the whole outline onto the fabric.

* Take out the center of the ridge fabric, following the outline and cutting around 1/3 inch on the outside of the line. By creating the hole in the ridge fabric that is larger than the hole in the jeans, you allow only the colored fabric to be demonstrated.

* Place the ridge fabric back on the hole, carefully lining up the hole so that the damaged part of the jeans shows through properly. Place the colored fabric square uniformly on the top and press with hot iron, keeping in mind not to move the fabric while pressing.

* Patch small hole or splits in the jeans of girls by stitching an attractive appliqué over the hole. Most of the appliqués consist of an iron-on support and you can employ an iron to stick them onto their appropriate place. However, you will have to stitch around the exterior of the appliqué to make it secure.

* You can also use denim scraps for holes in work jeans. You can purchase the denim patches at any stitching center or store. Iron them on the outside of the jeans, sticky side down. Denim patches are good to cover the hole or tear in the jeans.

Tips and Warnings:

* If you don’t have much time to stitch your jeans, then you can use denim patches and simply iron it on them or vice versa.

* If you using the stitching method, then you can use any kind of attractive fabric you like in the place of the denim patch.

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